I’m seeing a lot of NaruSaku fans accusing others of giving up over a cover page.

I’m just wondering how those same people who are giving up made it past the “NaruHina” (pfffft! XD) volume cover…

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*Looks over at the Naruto fandom* *promptly vomits*

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unchartedroads inquired: Mavis Vermillion, #6! :)

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A Ride on Nimbus

Been getting back into Dragon Ball since I watched the new movie that came out… last year and only just recently found out about it. >.> Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z played a big part in my childhood, and was my first real Anime experience. It’s what got me into Anime in the first place so I’ll probably be talking about it for awhile. Anywho… here’s some crappy art of Goku riding nimbus into the sun… rise? Set? Idek. i just wanted to practice my backgrounds because I suck. Expect to see more of this. I apologize in advance.

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I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

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Of course it worked! Who would think oh no here comes a harem during a battle for the fate of the world?

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I just about peed myself with this chapter. I knew it though. I knew he’d try to use it eventually.




I still can’t believe Masashi Kishimoto actually drew this

I can’t be the only one who noticed Sasuke give it a thumbs up, can I? Cause that’s honestly the best part.

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Every time I hear that SasuSaku is like Vegeta and Bulma, I just bust out laughing. I’m sorry, but Bulma would not have put up with it if Vegeta said half the things Sasuke has said to or about Sakura. Sakura can’t even bring herself to snap at him for dissing her. It’s when he disses Naruto that she gets angry, and that says quite a lot. If any pairing is like Vegeta and Bulma, it’s SasuKarin, and that is the honest to goodness truth. Karin doesn’t put up with Sasuke’s shit, and she would have called him out on his so-called “bull shit apology” if that’s what it was which it wasn’t.

Of course, you’d have to be a moron if you’re going to use another manga written by a completely different mangaka as proof that your ship will become canon.

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Anonymous inquired: Don't choose, your heart loves both so you should love both. Just think of the ships as if they were your children. ^-^ Equal love <3

Okay, polygamy for Sasuke it is!

#If you think about it #karin and hinata have the same 'scouting' abilities #meaning they can detect enemies from a distance #☾Anonymous
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