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It will forever annoy me how people will just automatically make Hinata pairing fodder for Naruto. Same with Sakura for Sasuke.

She’s on the fucking cover with team 7 and Shikamaru not cause she’s his “future waifu” but because she is the future head of the most prestigious clan of Konoha. She will be one of his advisors due to her own accomplishments.

Not because she has a fucking crush on Naruto jfc

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Luke smiling =)

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omg, Happy Birthday! <3

Thank you XD I am so old now omfg

How old did you become? :)

Oh dear I didn’t see you had replied XD

Too old tbh but I’m 25 now lol

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If there really are only 5 chapters left, that means that the manga will end on chapter 699 (or am I missing something?) The movie will be chapter 700

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Anakin Skywalker had once believed that Jedi did not dream. This had been a lie. 

Darth Vader had hoped very much that Sith did not dream. But they do. Indeed, Vader’s dreams are rarely if ever visions, as Anakin’s sometimes were — but they are more vivid than Anakin’s had ever been.

The Force, perhaps, punishing him for seizing control of his own destiny.

"You look like hell, Skyguy." She’s the way she was when she left the temple, not the day he had seen her last.

"Ahsoka," he acknowledges, even as he feels his chest constrict. He’s not wearing the suit, but it’s still hard to breathe.

"Is Luke still not responding?"

His lips twitch downward. “You already know the answer,” he says.

She lets out a laugh and grins. “Well, yeah — I’m a manifestation of your subconscious mind. But my psychological purpose seems to be as an outlet for your preoccupations, so you may as well play along.”

"It won’t help," he says. "You’re not real."

"Nope," she replies. 

He reaches forward with a mechanical hand, its gears as bare as his flesh, but it passes right through her. His eyes burn. “I miss you, Snips,” he says, because it’s the truth, and there is nothing but the truth in his dreams.

Her smiles softens. “You probably should’ve thought of that before you killed me, Master.” Her form begins to dissolve, the edges of her peeling away in wisps of smoke. Again he reaches out, as though he might be able to catch them.

"Don’t go," he pleads. "Please — don’t leave me alone."

But the smoke curls between his robotic fingers, and her voice is distant when she says, “Bye, Anakin.”

That’s when he awakens, struggling for air even though he’s in his pressurized meditation chamber. Desperately, he reaches out for Luke’s presence, warm and radiant in the Force. But it’s mere seconds before Luke blocks him out, his pain and denial like a slap in the face.

Vader is left alone with his waking thoughts, unable to fall back to sleep.

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omg, Happy Birthday! <3

Thank you XD I am so old now omfg

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Happy birthday!

Thank you! ;3;

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Today is my birthday and NaruSaku week starts… what? Today? Tomorrow? Maybe I should draw stuff. idk

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