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You know what would be a really depressing ending to Sakura? More depressing than Sakura dying or ending up alone? (Which would be sad, since her childhood dream was to get married to Sasuke)

Sakura marrying Naruto.

That is the actual most depressing end for Sakura.

I’m sorry, but…

You are annoying - _ -
Dont tag naruhina or sasusakuplease
Just tag antinh and antiss and talk about whatever you say about it there
I just dont care and nobody in this tag care.

I’m guessing you are on mobile cause I didn’t tag this as either of them. There is an easy way to avoid this in the future. 1) When you are on mobile put the # symbol before the ship name and you won’t get anti posts in your tag. 2) block me and move on. Neither of these are hard, and you can do both if you like. I don’t care, but I did not tag it as naruhina or sasusaku. I always tag it as anti. So telling me to change it is kind of pointless and clearly you do not pay attention.

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Gifs Person of interest : Jim Caviezel as John Reese 

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Gorgeous Eyelashes ~~ Regardless of his Vulnerability or Emotion

(SE320, Death Benefit)

(Dedicated to minse-mudl (“Hold my poodle!!!”) & savhcaro)

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Ah, looks like I’ve pissed a few people off in the NaruHina and SasuSaku fandom. For some reason, I’m not the least bit sorry. I tagged my post correctly and you come to me (which you had to have been stalking those tags to have found it in the first place). The post I am referring to is of course this post. The person I quoted had posted that (probably in the NaruSaku tag. I don’t know cause I blocked them), and some other NaruSaku fans whom I am following found it and responded to it. I decided to get my word in without causing too much drama, and it would have worked if some nosy fan (and by that I mean calley-cat) had just stayed in the correct tags. Again, I had tagged correctly as narusaku, anti-naruhina, and anti-sasusaku. My post would have done nothing save put a slight smile on a few fellow NaruSaku fans’ faces. After all, I had not said anything that hadn’t been said already.

However, calley-cat has decided instead of just blocking me and moving on with her life, to make a bigger deal than it really needs to be. My message to you dearest? Go to your settings, click on account, and add my name to blocked users. It’s not hard. Go on, give it a try. I’m not the one starting the drama. You are, but nice attempt to make me look like the bad guy when you came to me in the first place.

I’m so tired of the rampant ignorance and stupidity in the Naruto fandom in general. I honestly have no idea why I came back to it. Probably because I love the series, but I honestly cannot stand this fandom sometimes. Several, including this person, like to start shit up for no reason other than to look high and mighty in front of others, which I have not the slightest bit of care for.

In other words…


do you ever have those people that just annoy you so much and you don’t even know why but they just infuriate you

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